The ComplianTV project has come to its end on September 30., 2015. We invite you to consult all its results concerning the verification of the EU energy label and ecodesign legislation requirements for televisions, which are fully available on this website.

With the implementation of the legal framework for Ecodesign (Directive 2009/125/EC) and Energy Labelling (Directive 2010/30/EU), the EU has established powerful instruments to support market transformation towards more energy efficient products. In particular, TVs covered by both policy instruments, are now subjected to Ecodesign implementing measures (Regulation No 642/2009) and Energy Labelling requirements (Regulation No 1062/2010), aiming at pushing the market to higher energy efficiency products.

Ensuring that the requirements of the legislative framework are fulfilled in practice represents a key stake for the efficiency of these policies. However, almost all market information on energy efficiency of these products in the EU-28 is currently provided as self-declaration by manufacturers, as planned in the Ecodesign and Energy Labelling framework. So far, there has been very little standardised independent product testing and independent confirmation of correctness of the product information and market development, because market surveillance at national level has not been widely implemented. Activities assessing the availability of required product information in shops and in information media has also been largely missing.

In this context, the ComplianTV project brings together ten experienced organisations, including three testing laboratories, with the objective of assessing the compliance of TVs in the framework of these new Energy Labelling and Ecodesign regulations, through verification procedures. In doing so, the project will generate a database, and a lot of know-how and guidance for many different types of stakeholders (market surveillance authorities, testing laboratories, manufacturers, retailers, consumers). Help yourself!


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