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The testing for this model could not be concluded due to inavailability of three more units for step 2 testing.
Compliance testing results
Technical compliance status : No result
Stand-by/off mode power consumption compliance status
Energy label compliance status
Energy efficiency index compliance status
Automatic power down
Peak luminance ratio compliance status
On mode power consumption compliance status
Information requirements compliance status N/A ()
Remedy actions: identified issues {{data.model.issues}}
Remedy actions taken by manufacturer {{data.model.remedyActions}}
Full test report
Comparison of declared and measured values of the Energy Label
declared values measured values
On-mode power consumption {{data.model.declaredOnPowerConsumption}} W {{data.model.onPowerConsumption}} W
Annual energy consumption {{data.model.declaredAnnualConsumption}} kWh {{data.model.annualConsumption}} kWh
Energy efficiency class {{data.model.declaredeEfficiencyClass}} {{data.model.efficiencyClass}}
Technical specifications
Presence of a home mode
Stand-by/off mode power consumption {{data.model.standByConsumption}} W
Energy efficiency index {{data.model.EEI}}
Presence of a forced menu
Screen size (in inches) {{data.model.screenSize}}
Display technology {{data.model.display}}
Backlight technology {{data.model.backlight}}
Hard-off power switch
Additional functions (HDD, multi-tuner, etc.) {{data.model.additionalFunctions}}
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Details about the testing process
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Schematic of the ComplianTV project testing process