Testing results

The reports of physical tests have been elaborated and compiled in cooperation with the test laboratories. After the individual batches of products were tested, the results were aggregated into a single table in order to support easy evaluation.

The research and evaluation of the data has focused in a first step on the separation of the compliant from the non-compliant products. Depending on the situation, some of the products (the non-compliant ones) were tested again (Step 2, three more units tested). Simultaneously, a second and third batch of tests (with other models) have been started. For documentation and further analysis, the compliance ratio of the overal results will be calculated and reported, and will result in follow-up actions until the total of about 126 TV-sets are tested.

For all full results for the individual models tested, see the project database here:



Testing results

Report on Discussions with Manufacturers and Retailers and Remedy Actions


Overview of communication activities with manufacturers, physical stores and online store representatives, concerning the ComplianTV product testing results and shop monitoring findings.

September 2015
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